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Wireframes for the CBS Local app, adding podcasts to the feature-packed app for iOS and Android.
A design for a podcast widget, embeddable in a responsive format in websites.

Your favorites in talk, sports, and music started as an algorithmic music streaming service (competing with Pandora) until it was purchased by CBS and transformed into a streaming network for their radio stations. Using a combination of many platforms, including C# and Python on the back-end, delivered clean and fast radio to users on their mobile devices, computers, and eventually even the first Apple Watch.

Considering CBS had a complex connection between its many services, documentation of the entire experience had to be endlessly thorough and—because the entertainment industry shifts gears quickly—each product was tirelessly iterated upon. Users of demanded complete parity on all devices, all the way back to Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry devices, iOS, Android, and even a native Windows 8 application (yikes!).

For that reason, the UX and UI teams were separated, while UX handled more functionality, research, and even some level of product management to ensure feature parity on all platforms amongst different teams of developers. Partnering with multiple UI designer who handled multiple platform designs—all who had to collaborate with one another on styles and common artwork— became an essential part of the job.

The app for Android, built in native Java, designed by Ayelen Carrasco.
The app for Apple Watch (Series 1), designed by Anna Swank-Heireth.
The website for desktop, built in Wordpress VIP, designed by Ayelen Carrasco.

Team members

Tom Wade Murphy
UX Director

Ayelen Carrasco
UI Designer

Angelika Fuellemann
UI Designer

Anna Swank-Heireth
UI Designer

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